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2019 New Year and New Resolutions?

2019 New Year and New Resolutions?

by Simon ParkerJanuary 3, 2019

Well, Last year didn’t seem to even register for me. I know it was there and stuff happened in it but it seemed like it was done and over in a flash.

2018 was a pretty cool year if I list everything I achieved personally as well as my Team at Coffee Black and projects such as The Tattoo Forum and Prospect Driver.

I taught myself Python and have become half proficient at using selenium with chromedriver to scrape information from sites.

I built a scraper to transfer a Weebly website to WordPress with a very complex set of rules to rewrite layouts into Visual Composer for WordPress which was not fun and took 2 weeks to do. I guess I feel a sense of accomplishment though….. thanks EA


Well its 2019, And I have a wealth of changes to make in life, business and … well …  everything I guess.

I will be moving house. Ill be changing where my people work from and perhaps even changing the people I work with.

I will be launching all of my projects and concentrating on selling instead of making, which will piss me off im sure as after having done sales for more than 20 years in various guises I have always strayed towards planning and thinking instead of doing, Whilst that’s great when you have a business to support you and you can spend your time figuring out how to do some sort of clever thing it doesnt actually get the business anywhere.

In 2019 I will be,

  • A Leader
  • A Business Owner (not a bored Employee of my own)
  • A Founder
  • A Sales Master
  • A Funded Startup Unicorn Fucking GOD Monster
  • And most importantly….. I will be a Father.

While that last one is the most important to me its also the one Ihave the least clue how to achieve with what I am planning to do.

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